Solid-phase extraction (SPE) has long been used as a sample pretreatment technique to trap and concentrate highly diluted compounds. SPE is used extensively in the environmental and medical fields for pollutant detection and toxicological diagnostics. SPE has also gained interest in the field of Microbial Secondary Metabolites (MSM). Thus, in addition to the recovery of target compounds from cultivation broth, resins have been used to extend the fermentation time and to enhance the production by trapping toxic and inhibitory compounds. This technique has been combined with micro-scale automation to increase the throughput of screening or diagnostic tasks. Various sorbents have been developed for SPE, including reversed-phase silica (RPS), carbon-based sorbents (CBS) and apolar polystyrene–divinylbenzene copolymers (PS-DVB). In the field of MSM, modern developments have been made using PS-DVB. This type of resin exhibits a high capacity for target organic compounds together with a low selectivity. PS-DVB resins are stable to pressure, temperature, shearing, pH and organic solvents. Their use was extensively optimized according to their specific area, porosity, particle size, contact duration and resin/medium proportion.




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